Courses in Travel and Tourism, Qualifications, and Jobs

Courses in Travel and Tourism, Qualifications, and Jobs

Courses in Travel and Tourism, Qualifications, and Jobs: Do you want to work in the tourism and travel industry? If you answered yes, then this post is for you. This article will go over some of the best travel tourism courses in India. This section covers course specifics, eligibility requirements, and career opportunities.

The Travel and Tourism Courses, Eligibility, and Jobs industry in India are thriving. The tourist industry is highly valued by the government. The government has established and developed several tourism-related strategies and initiatives. This is an encouraging sign. Many Indian nationals would be employed in the tourism industry, which would help generate more money.

The Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management is an entry-level diploma program that focuses on the analysis and research of the tourism industry. The course covers topics such as history, fundamentals, aviation management, business analytics, and the business regulatory environment of tourism.

This course is open to students who have completed their 10+2 or equivalent level courses from a shared institution. Students who completed a diploma after class 10th as part of a 10+3 education pattern may also apply for admission to the course.

What exactly is a Diploma in Tourism and Travel Management?

Travel and tourism are important economic activities in addition to being an important part of one’s personal and recreational activities. The travel and tourism industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP.

The business side of the tourism and travel industry provides an open market for growth, development, and job opportunities. In the face of educated and trained personnel with the capacity and expertise to implement management strategies in reality and produce optimum output, this is frequently where the industry requires a knowledgeable touch.

A diploma-level program in the field is designed with the industry’s basic needs in mind, attempting to strike a balance between commercial demands and the delivery of qualified professionals.

The course provides students with a broad overview of the subject, preparing them to withstand the demands of industrial application and to build on this database at a higher level of study within the area.

Criteria for Travel and Tourism Eligibility (UG & PG)

Because of the course’s broad scope, the qualifying requirements for almost all institutes are quite similar. Some of the most basic requirements for admission to undergraduate and postgraduate programs are as follows:

Undergraduate Travel and Tourism Courses

Aspirants must have completed their 10+2 class from a recognized board with any core subjects. At least 55% of the marks in the 10+2 should be obtained.

Some colleges require a research canter admission test, whereas others accept students who have passed a national or state-level examination.

Postgraduate programs in travel and tourism

Postgraduate programs in travel and tourism

A bachelor’s degree in travel and tourism is required, but a related degree will also be considered. The institute must be approved by the education board. A minimum aggregate percentage of 50% is required by the majority of institutes. All required documentation, including a 10+2-mark sheet from a recognized institution, must be present.

Depending on the college, students may be required to take an admission exam or meet other additional requirements.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Administration

A bachelor’s degree in tourist management is an undergraduate degree that focuses on tourism management, tourist activities, hotel management, and other tourism-related subjects. This course is extremely valuable and relevant in today’s world because global tourism has a reputation for bringing countries economic growth, money, and aesthetic benefits. Applicants must have completed the 12th grade at a reputable school.

Bachelor of Arts in Tourism Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in tourist studies program lasts three years and is divided into six six-month semesters. This course is an advanced study of tourism and the skills needed to create and operate it at a high level. This training can help you establish and maintain a successful career in the tourism industry.

Tourism Management Bachelor’s Degree (BTM)

This three-year degree focuses on tourist management from the perspective of an employer. This is a research paper on the shenanigans of the hotel industry. An applicant must have completed class 12th from a recognized board in order to be admitted to this bachelor of science program.

Tourism and Travel Management (B.Com)

Com Travel and Tourism Courses, Eligibility, and Jobs is a three-year undergraduate program designed for people interested in learning more about travel and tourism. The course is taught in the business studies discipline and covers a wide range of topics in the travel and tourism finance and accounting. To be considered for admission, applicants must pass university-based admission tests. The average annual course fee is between INR 5 and 75K. Graduates of the B. Com degree can find work in a variety of fields, including travel auditor, operations manager, and other positions.

Master of Science in Travel and Tourism

Candidates must have a high school diploma in order to participate in these courses (preferably in the field of tourism). Admission is granted based on admission tests administered by the state or by individual institutions. It varies from college to college.

A master’s degree in tourism studies prepares students to start businesses, increase income, advocate for sustainability, and manage natural resources.

Master’s Degree in Tourism Management

To be eligible for the Master of Arts in Tourism Management, you must have a BTS / BHM / BA Tourism degree or a Bachelor’s Degree in any subject. All applicants with a Bachelor’s Degree will be required to take four additional courses during their study term. The curriculum is divided into four semesters, with the final semester devoted to the candidate’s chosen field of study.


In today’s world, where many opportunities have opened up and travel has become an important part of everyone’s lives, recognizing the best way to meet those needs while also making a decent living and growing in a career that you’re best suited for is critical. You can start your journey right now by selecting any of the above courses.

The industry will undergo unprecedented changes following the pandemic; therefore, ride the wave, be the change, and deliver the change. Who knows how far one will progress in the future? Best of luck with your Travel and Tourism Courses, Eligibility, and Jobs!

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