What Happened at Owens-Illinois Glass Co

What Happened at Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

Owens-Illinois Glass Co. was the leading company in the production and manufacturing of glass for packaging and as containers. In fact, about a half of the glass products you use come from its numerous plants in situates across 23 countries. Furthermore, with its huge workforce you might be part of the 27,000 staff who produce 10,000 different products. However, there’s some bad news as workers were exposed to asbestos while at work in the past. Here’s the company’s background, history of operations and some of the health conditions you may suffer from the exposure of asbestos.

Background of Owens-Illinois Glass Company

Owens-Illinois Glass Co was initially called the Owens Bottle Company and was established in 1903. The company was the main producer of glass bottles and containers that packaged beverages and other food products. It then became known as Owens-Illinois Glass company after merging with Illinois Glass Company in 1929.

The company saw huge success over time and expanded by merging with other glass manufacturers. However, the company soon started having financial and labor wrangles that led to a strike by the United Steelworkers of America. After 114 days of downing the tools workers returned to work after signing a new contract. Such events were the beginning of their downfall and led to the emergence of foreign players in the market. Furthermore, they failed to keep up with the modern trends and changes in operations. As a result, they had to lay off some workers and close some plants to remain operational.

By 1980s the company was in deep financial problems that it had to file for bankruptcy. Eventually, a private company took over its ownership in 2005. Owens-Illinois is no longer the major player it was and now accounts for a smaller fraction of glass production.

How Workers Got Exposed To Asbestos

Owens-Illinois Glass Co heavily relied on a carcinogen called asbestos in their manufacturing and production process. For instance, the company used asbestos to manufacture products such as glass reinforced plastics meant for the construction industry. Thus, as a worker, you might have been a victim of asbestos exposure at Owens-Illinois Glass while handling systems such as furnaces.

Other activities such as cutting materials that contain asbestos might also have exposed you to asbestos. The result of cutting and sawing of such material was the release of large amounts of airborne asbestos. Asbestos would then accumulate over a long period and reach levels that would endanger your health.

Asbestos might also have indirectly affected your loved ones back at home. Your work garments might have picked up the asbestos dust which would release into the air when washing and dusting.

How You May Have Been Exposed to Asbestos from Their Products

Owens-Illinois ignored the dangers of asbestos and made pipes and insulation for boilers called kaylo that contained asbestos. Most of these products are currently used in various industries. You might suffer from asbestosis when you expose yourself and interact with Kaylo. Therefore, the company ought to have ensured your safety and inform you of the dangers of asbestos to prevent.

Exposure to Asbestos leads to the development of diseases such as lung cancer, asbestosis, and mesothelioma. You may not feel sick immediately because these diseases take time to manifest but they are deadly. You can file a lawsuit and get compensated if you’ve had complications arising from the exposure of asbestos. That said, you are at a higher risk of suffering from these diseases if you were a plant worker.

Previous workers and their families have taken legal action against Owens-Illinois Glass Co for their negligence in protecting them. As a result, the company have been forced to budget millions of dollars for paying compensation to such victims.

Final Remarks

Owens-Illinois Glass Co was a big company that manufactured various glass products for packaging and storing of food substances. It’s very unfortunate if these products that contained asbestos tool a toll on your health as a consumer or as their staff. If you have experience with Owens-Illinois Glass Company or their products, it would be best to consult your medical practitioner for screening. In addition, if you or your family who were staff at the company have developed any of the mentioned diseases, consult with a lawyer. Its recommended to consult a mesothelioma lawyer who has specialized in such cases.

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